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A Parent's Brief

Parents are the child's primary educators.  Montessori schools recognise the importance of the life of the family in the child's development and see school as a natural extension of the home. The open door policy in Montessori schools welcomes parents to come and observe their children in the classroom environment, which is beneficial to parent, child and teacher.

Under the careful guidance of a qualified Montessori teacher/directress, children develop at their own pace, according to their own ability and learn that school is a place that inspires a lifetime of discovery.

Parent/Teacher Relations

Montessori schools believe a strong relationship between home and school is essential to success at school.  Every opportunity is encouraged to assist parents participate in the education of their children.  An open line of communication between parents, teacher and school is fostered.

Parental involvement is facilitated in the following ways:

         Initial interviews offer an opportunity for the parents, child and teacher to meet within the school environment.

         Opportunities may be provided for parents to observe in the classroom.

         Individual parent/teacher meetings are held twice per school year to facilitate discussions on a child's development and     continuing progress.

         School may hold an "Open Day" to inform the parents.

         Parent information meetings.

         School brochure.

         Use of school videos, slides or photos.

         Inviting fellow professionals and other groups to speak at meetings.

         Inviting parents to share their talents with the children.


         Notice Board.

These opportunities are designed to guide you through the journey of helping your child discover and enjoy a lifetime of learning.

Choosing a Montessori school for your child

         Check the accreditation status of the school. Accreditation

         Check if the school is affiliated with any Montessori organisation.

         Enquire about the qualification and training of the teachers (see below for training)

         Visit the school, observe the classroom in action, and later ask the teacher or principal to explain the theory behind the activities you saw.

         Most of all, talk to your child's prospective teacher about his or her philosophy of child development and education to see if it is compatible with your own.

Montessori school - Why Choose One?

         There is an emphasis on the total development of child of the child.

         The teacher has an unobtrusive role in the classroom.

         The environment and method encourage self-discipline.

         There is mainly individual instruction.

         Mixed age grouping, which encourages children to teach and help others.

         The child chooses their own work.

         The child discovers concepts from self-teaching materials.

         The child works for as long as he/she wishes on a chosen project.

         The child sets his/her own learning pace.

         The child can identify errors from the materials.

         The child re-enforces own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success.

         The child experiences multi-sensory materials for physical exploration.

         There is an organised programme for learning care of self and care of the environment.

         The child can work where he/she chooses, move around and talk at will.  Yet not disturb the work of others.

IMEB Accredited Montessori Schools

The list of schools can be viewed or downloaded elsewhere on this site.

Training and Qualifications

The two colleges offering Montessori training that is necessary for IMEB accreditation are the AMI Montessori College, Mount St. Mary, Dundrum, Dublin 14 and St. Nicholas Montessori College Ireland, 16 Adelaide Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

The teacher must hold one of the following awards:

         Association Montessori Internationale Diploma (3-6 yrs, 6-12 yrs.)

         St. Nicholas Montessori Advanced Diploma (3-12 yrs.)

         National Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education - NCEA/HETAC

         BA in Humanities in Montessori Education - NCEA/HETAC

         Graduate Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education - NCEA/HETAC

         BA in Montessori Education - HETAC

         BA (Honours) in Montessori Education - HETAC

         Higher Diploma in Montessori Education - HETAC

The award held by the teacher must be appropriate to the age group being taught.

Pupil/Teacher Ratio

Pupil/Teacher 1:15
A three-year age span in each class is desirable.

School Calendar

The school year extends to a minimum of 160 school days.
The school is open for five days a week, for a minimum of 3 hours per day.

Kingston House, 64 Patrick Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.  email: